Amplify Library / Story Cards Reading Loop


Story Cards is a collectible card game that drives players to the Amplify Library. Each player starts out with a small starter deck and can earn additional cards by reading books and answering questions in the Amplify Library. Reading a book unlocks character and/or author cards for players to use in the game. See the video below for a quick overview of this reading loop.

How to Play

This video shows the basics of how to play Story Cards. 

eReader Integration

Players can earn additional cards in Story Cards by reading the associated books in the Amplify Library. You can find the complete list of story cards and their associated books here.

Watch the video below for more detailed information on the link between Story Cards and the eReader. Consider watching this video in preparation for the following suggested activities.

Suggested Activities

  • Challenge your students each to choose a card they want to add to their deck in Story Cards, and unlock it through reading the associated book in the Amplify Library. If you already have free reading time built into your schedule, encourage students to use that time for this pursuit. Students can find unlockable cards on their own through the Advanced Deck Maker in Story Cards, or you can use this list of books with associated Story Cards to guide them. 
  • Ask your students to choose a book they are reading (either in class or for fun) and have them create a story card for their favorite character. Use this template, which requires students to demonstrate knowledge of the character by filling out all the required components of the card. Display students’ creations on a classroom bulletin board.
  • Hand out this guide to students. It highlights powerful cards and encourages students to read the associated books in the Amplify Library to earn those cards.